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We Might Need a Retest

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We Might Need a Retest


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On today’s episode of What Are Your Thoughts, Michael Batnick and Josh Brown get into all the hottest topics in investing and finance.

* Josh’s apology for rooting for corrections
* Has the market bottomed or do we need a retest of the low?
* Would rather know about a market bottom or a market top in advance?
* Josh is reading about viruses and outbreaks around the clock, what’s the point?
* Zoom Media became a hot stock because of teleconferencing, and then traders bought the wrong ticker too – on purpose?
* Why do people share their transactions on Venmo?
* Every analyst now gets a base case, bull case and bear case – whatever happened to making a call and standing by it?
* The Fed dropped a surprise interest cut of 50 basis points during our show – Michael and Josh react in real time.

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