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Goldman & BlackRock Are Betting Big On This New $30 Trillion Mega-Trend

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Goldman & BlackRock Are Betting Big On This New $30 Trillion Mega-Trend


There’s a multi-trillion dollar trend completely upending Wall Street…

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With some of the biggest names in the business such as Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and the world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock jumping on board.

And they’re not alone. Apple, Google, and even some of America’s leading automakers are completely shifting gears to accommodate investors’ demands to conform to this new financial reality.

But one small startup out of Canada’s Silicon Valley is way ahead of the pack…

And they’re looking to upend the personal transportation industry as we know it.

Uber fired the first shots…revolutionizing a hundred-year-old dynasty, with the taxi industry forced to its knees in a matter of years.

Now, it’s Facedrive Inc. (TSXV:FD; OTC:FDVRF) that’s stepping up to the plate.  

Uber has been riddled with controversy, with drivers and riders alike voicing their concern over the company’s dated policies…

And its missteps will be Facedrive’s home run.

That’s because Facedrive is everything that Uber isn’t.

Facedrive is a company that puts “people and planet first.” In fact, its entire platform is built on that simple premise.

It offers riders a sustainable, conscious, and friendly service – while taking care of its drivers.

This approach ties in perfectly to the trillion-dollar ESG trend that has captivated Wall Street.

It’s impossible to ignore the explosion of this trend.

Goldman Sachs started a $1.5 billion ESG fund…

Jeff Bezos just launched his $10 billion Global Earth Fund…

And BlackRock is looking to have over $1 trillion in ESG assets within the next decade.

Facedrive spotted this boom a mile away…And it’s made major moves to take advantage of Uber’s shortcomings.

It’s already secured major contracts with government agencies, celebrity superstars, and global tech titans… And they’ve done it all with just a few years on the scene.

And this is only the beginning.

In the coming months, Facedrive is preparing to explode into the international spotlight, all while keeping to its “people and planet first’ mantra.

Here are 5 reasons to keep an eye on the ESG mega-trend right now:

 1 – This Mega-trend is the Future of Business

If you’re not sure what ESG means, it stands for (E)nvironment, (S)ustainability, and (G)overnance. Essentially, it’s all about investing responsibly.

And it’s catching fire.

The craze has exploded over the past year or so, and it’s only just begun.

Even as the stock market cratered back in March, ESG funds flourished.

That’s why the biggest names on Wall Street are pouring money into sustainable – and responsible – companies.

The message is clear – companies need to get with the program or get left behind.

The ESG investing craze has skyrocketed just over the last year or two, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

BlackRock has paved the way, with over $90 billion in ESG assets already under its control.

And it’s planning to boost that number to over $1 trillion in the next ten years.

This is a wake-up call for every investor, as BlackRock is the most important banking company on the planet. 

It’s even gone beyond banking…reaching “4th branch of government” status.

But it’s not alone. The winds of change are sweeping across ‘The Street’. 

Nigel Green, the CEO of the deVere Group, an independent financial advisory firm, touts that the global pandemic has only accelerated this trend, saying ESG investing is moving toward a “skyward surge.”

Source: CNBC

And the right-sharing industry as we know it…is currently on the wrong side of history. 

Ridesharing was supposed to lower pollution.. but it’s done just the opposite.

In fact, it’s actually increased pollution by nearly 70%. 

But this is where Facedrive (TSXV:FD; OTC:FDVRF) made its move.

Through next-gen tech and key partnerships with environmental agencies, it’s already well ahead of its competition.

And it’s making significant progress towards ridesharing’s sustainability problem, all without sacrificing profit.

Facedrive gives riders the choice to go electric or gas-powered without paying a premium for the option.

Moreover, it’s innovative in-app algorithm calculates exactly how much CO2 was created on the journey, and sets aside a piece of the fare to help offset its carbon footprint.

This puts Facedrive right in the middle of two disruptive mega-trends transforming the world as we know it. 

On one side, it’s reimagining the $8 trillion transportation business… and on the other, it’s tapping into Big Money’s shift into the $30 trillion world of sustainable – and responsible – investing. 

2 – Major Deals are Sending this Trend Surging

There’s so much money on the table, everyone is diving in headfirst…

Even companies you’d never associate with being ‘eco-friendly’ are dumping billions into the move towards sustainability. 

Take General Motors (NYSE:GM), for example. The auto giant has just launched a joint venture with Korea’s LG Chem to mass-produce innovative new  battery cells for electric vehicles, together investing $2.3 billion over the next few years.

Or Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN). It is completely rethinking how its goods are delivered, and investing big on the transportation of tomorrow. It’s leading a $700 million investment round in EV startup Rivian and acquiring robo-taxi startup Zoox for over $1 billion.

And it’s not all about transportation, either. In early July, Perpetual Limited, one of Australia’s leading asset managers, bought up Trillium Asset Management, a sustainable investment firm, for a shocking $3.3 billion.

The amount of cash flooding into this space is unbelievable.

And that’s why Facedrive has gained so much attention.

It’s even piqued the interest of Amazon and Telus. The two giants of industry have already jumped in on Facedrive’s corporate sponsorship program

Meaning the two companies will receive preferred pricing on Facedrive services for their employees.

And they won’t simply be using the platform, they’ll be helping it expand. 

With Amazon and Telus on board, other household names are likely to follow.

But the ride doesn’t stop there…

Facedrive is even diving into the health sector with its TraceSCAN application, developed in partnership with the University of Waterloo and MT>Ventures.

The need for contact tracing has never been more dire as global COVID-19 cases have spiked above 15 million. 

Facedrive’s TraceSCAN app’s premise is brilliant in its simplicity:

Developed in partnership with the University of Waterloo, TraceSCAN uses Bluetooth technology to track contact between its users, in order to identify who may have been exposed to positive COVID-19 cases within its member base.

Any user who is identified receives an immediate notification so they can take steps to isolate and/or seek treatment right away.

Just last week, the Ministry of Ontario, Canada voiced booming support for the technology, saying it could be pivotal for the government’s own COVID alert systems.

 It’s even got the support of the  Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) which signed on to adopt the technology, putting their trust in Facedrive to protect 130,000 of their members and their families.

This means their technology could in future be doing the important work of contact tracing thousands of people at sporting venues, corporate offices, healthcare and long-term care facilities, and many other locations all across the area, to help fight against the spread of viruses like Covid-19.

3 – In the New Economy, Diversification is King

In this brave new world, the most successful – and profitable – companies have their hands in many pots.

Diversification is now the name of the game, just look at  TSLA (NASDAQ:TSLA). Most people know it for its eco-friendly electric vehicles…

But it’s gone well beyond transportation into renewable energy, acquiring SolarCity for $2.6 billion in 2016.

Now it’s looking to springboard the adoption of cheap solar roof panels across the United States.

Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has branched out too, going far beyond its original title as a search engine. On top of getting in on autonomous vehicles with Waymo, they established their own clean energy company, Google Energy.

Today, not only are they using this as an opportunity to lower their own energy costs at Google’s headquarters… they also got the green light from the government to sell energy to others.

And Facedrive is following a similar path to these tech giants.

From its healthcare initiative to its sustainable take on ridesharing, it’s already showing that it can rise to the needs of the community…. And it’s not done yet. 

Its latest acquisition shows it’s not just taking on Uber in the ridesharing business… Its looking to disrupt the food delivery business as well.

The global food delivery market is expected to grow from $24 billion in 2018 to over $98 billion by 2027.

And with so much money at stake, it’s no wonder Facedrive is moving in to grab a piece of the pie here too.

Facedrive acquired Foodora Canada, a subsidiary company of the $20-billion multinational food delivery service, Delivery Hero, operating in 40 countries and servicing more than 500,000 restaurants.

 This strategic maneuver has given it access to hundreds of thousands of customer names and new restaurant partners.

4 – Millennials Give 1 Trillion Reasons to Go Green

It may come as no surprise to most…but millennials are going all-in on the sustainability trend, as well.

Ernst & Young even reported that more than 80% of millennials believe that ESG investing is the way to go. 

Even as customers, millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable services….

And considering they account for $1 trillion in consumer spending, it’s clearly worth listening to their demands. 

For millennials, sustainability isn’t just a little bonus that you can throw in – it’s the price of admission.

This is why Facedrive (TSXV:FD; OTC:FDVRF) has made it a no-brainer for riders to switch gears. 

5 – The World’s Biggest Visionaries are Leading the Charge

This trend isn’t just some investment craze that will die off in a few years, either…

It’s here to stay.

Richard Branson has been preaching this change for over a decade…

He committed to spending $3 billion on clean energy initiatives way back in 2006, and since then, he’s grown to become one of the world’s biggest advocates for renewables.

He’s so committed, in fact, that he is also working towards making that a flight to space and back on one of Virgin Galactic’s spaceships greener than an average flight between New York City and LA. 

His foresight and innovation have helped Virgin Galactic’s stock shoot up a massive 269% in less than a year, until the Covid-19 scare reduced the price in February, 2020.

Elon Musk was another leader in this space… 

He released the first Tesla Roadster back in 2008, single-handedly making electric vehicles cool. 

Since then, Tesla’s stock has soared from $23 to over $1500 – an incredible 6,421% gain for early investors.

And Elon’s just getting started…

From his futuristic “Hyperloop” to his Mars ambitions – he’s clearly not stuck in the present. 

Facedrive’s CEO, Sayan Navaratnam is another one who saw the sustainable writing on the wall well before most…

While this megatrend has picked up major steam in the last couple of years, he’s been in the lab, masterminding a green ridesharing transition since 2016.

And he’s timed the launch of the startup perfectly.

Consider this: in just their first year they’ve accomplished all of the following:

First, in April, it acquired HiRide — an innovator coming out of Ontario’s version of “Shark Tank”, giving them access to the entire user base of a unique long-distance car-pooling solution for students and professionals.

Over the next two months, without missing a beat, it launched a string of new revenue-generating services from Facedrive Foods and Facedrive Health to COVID-19 contact tracing tech TraceSCAN.

Then in early May, it landed a deal with the Laborers’ Intentional Union of North American to use TraceSCAN.

Days later, it announced plans to acquire Foodora Canada from Delivery Hero in a deal that solidifies the launch of Facedrive Foods…

And with its string of deals just this year…

It’s clear the sky is the limit for Facedrive. 

By: Jason Eckerman

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